Charlie Dee plays at Earth Day 2015

It seems that great things happen in two ways: through really hard work, or through sheer luck. The blessing of having Charlie Dee sing at Earth Day The Hague, The Netherlands is a story of sheer luck.

One of our coordinators met “Renee” at a silent retreat. “Although we couldn’t talk during the silence course we were allowed to laugh and even sing along to the evening songs. When fellow participant Renee sang, our entire group listened in awe, wondering if some sort of angel had come into the room.”

It wasn’t until the last day of the retreat that she approached Renee to see if she would be interested in singing at Earth Day. Who knew she was the famous Dutch musician Charlie Dee, and who knew she would say yes?

Singer-songwriter Charlie DeeCharlie Dee is a singer-songwriter based in Rotterdam who won De Grote Prijs van Nederland in 2004, has been called by De Gelderlander ‘one of the greatest talents in Dutch pop music’ and wrote ‘Ten Thousand Times’, a song she recorded with the famous Dutch artist Huub van der Lubbe, the frontman from de Dijk.

Charlie Dee will sing an acoustic set at Earth Day on Saturday, April 18th, 2015 at 12:00. Check out this youtube video of Charlie Dee. LIke it? Share this post with your music loving, earth-loving friends and lets fill the benches to hear her sing!

*We would like to give special thanks to Bezuidenhoutfonds for sponsoring Earth Day The Hague 2015’s musical performances. 

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