Workshops at Earth Day 2015


11.00-12.00: Q&A Gardening
Gardener Esther loves answering your questions and she needs a bit of a help in the garden, so if you like that… go for it!

11:15-12:00: Compost

De Compostbakkers

De Compostbakkers

What’s humus? The Compostbakkers know all about it and will share their knowledge with you. Can we make our own compost pile in the garden? Find out during the compost workshop.

12:15-12:45: Workshop Healthy Earth
Mildred Berenschot is a soil-expert. Mildred will explain and show you what healthy soil is, and share tips from her recent garden renovation.

13:00-13:30: Hanging gardens: plastic upcyclen (€ 2,50)
Plastic Fantastic? It’s becoming clear that plastic is damaging the environment. Much of what we buy is wrapped in plastic. Frouckje loves creative challenges and discovered that you sometimes can give plastic a second and more sustainable life. She grew herbs in grape-wrappings for Earth Day. They are ready to be planted in the herb jars you can make out of plastic milk bottles in this creative, “upcycling” workshop.

13:30-14:30 Seed bombs (€ 2,50)
Why are bees important? How can you make your garden bee-friendly? Bee-keeper Liesbeth explains and helps you make seed bombs that will bring flowers to the world.


Imker Liesbeth aan het werk.


11:00-15:00: Art workshop / Repair Kids (€ 2,50)
What if your toys break down? Do you buy new ones or do you repair them? Learn how at Repair Kids.

11:00-15:00: Art from scrap workshop (€ 2,50)
Read all about this workshop here. With artist Karin Nolmans.

13:30-14:30: Reading
There are many wonderful children’s books  about the environment. Our team has made a selection with the help of The Hague Librarians, and volunteers will  read them out loud, both in English and Dutch. Come listen!

(Some workshops ask a fee for materials)

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