Art from Scrap Competition at Earth Day 2016

In 2016, Earth Day The Hague has two themes: Less trash, more Beautiful City and Green Energy.

First, let’s talk trash. Our goal is to make the whole process of trash more transparent and, through a number of activities and workshops, explain the importance of buying and recycling mindfully. Here are some ideas we hope to incorporate: buying second hand and doing clothing exchanges; purchase (hopefully Fairtrade) items with minimal packaging or make your own products (home made soap anyone?); upcycle; use your plastic items at least twice before recycling, etc).

We are also inviting local elementary schools to participate in a school-wide contest to create Art from Scrap. Each school is then encouraged to choose their top winners and bring them to Earth Day 2016 where a panel of professional judges, from artists and gallery owners to environmentalists, will award the top projects. We are inspired by artist Merijn Tinga, a.k.a The Plastic Soup surfer. This piece, entitled The Plastic Capman can be seen at the Victor Laurentius Gallery in New Babylon.


The Plastic Capman, by artist Merijn Tinga, also known as Plastic Soup Surfer. 

What happens when you throw your plastic bag in the recycling bin? Is it actually recycled or is it burned? Is it really better to recycle, or is just a gimmick of sorts? Well, according to this Upworthy article from 2014, every piece of plastic ever made still exists. That means, it never goes away; it only gets smaller and smaller. So what’s the point of recycling? Well, actually, “Recycling plastic takes 88% less energy than making plastic from raw materials.  If you throw that plastic bag on the sand and it ends up in the ocean, what happens to it? Who cleans it up? If you throw something away, what is away? Where does it actually go?

We have invited organizations like Seafirst Foundation, Gemeente Den Haag trash and recycling division, and more to help explain these things to us.

Our second theme is exploring renewable energy as well as energy-saving ideas for your home and office. Renewable energy companies are invited to showcase their products and energy experts invited to make green energy choices more understandable, or user-friendly.

The final line up of workshops and participants is still in the works, but you can get updates here or on our Facebook page.

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