Our Sponsors!

Have you heard these before?
Think globally, act locally
Buy locally . . .support your local economy
It takes a village to . . . .
There’s no free lunch in life . . .
Everybody needs a helping hand

All of these apply to Earth Day as well. Without the help of partners, community volunteers and sponsors, Earth Day The Hague 2016 would not be possible.

Thus, we would like to give credit where credit is due.

Earth Day The Hague has received the gracious support of the following organizations:

CTK-logoChristus Triumfatorkerk has chosen to sponsor Earth Day The Hague by making it a church-supported activity and providing their entire site for our use.Since the church relies on income gained from room rentals to cover the costs of maintaining such a large building, this is quite a generous gift! Speaking of ‘buying locally’,  are you planning a meeting or event and looking for a location? Consider renting at the Christus Triumfatorkerk.


LogoDDH      Duurzaam Den Haag signed on as a co-coordinator for ‘Haagse Dag van de Aarde’ or Earth Day The Hague 2016. This means they dedicated employee hours to help with coordination, planning and PR and contributed to the overall budget. This has allowed Earth Day The Hague 2016 to expand its program, including  more workshops and the addition of  keynote speaker Maurits Groen on Friday, April 22nd at 14:00. This means a broader audience and hopefully more visitors to attend workshops and visit the environmental non-profit and eco market booths. Special thanks go to Lennart van der Linde, who was the main coordinator from Duurzaam Den Haag for this event.

156714_fullimage_logo_nlEvents are fun to plan and a joy to visit, but as the saying goes, there’s no free lunch in life. Everything has costs, and when planning a public even, those costs can really add up! Thus, we are thankful for the generous donations received from two grants by Fonds1818 and The Gemeente Den Haag.
These funding organizations are approached by many a group and they must decide whom they will support. We are thankful that they viewed Earth Day The Hague 2016 worthy of funding.


Joe’s Groente en Fruit Theresiastraat 236

We are also happy to report that two Bezuidenhout businesses have sponsored our event: Joe’s Groente en Fruit Shop  located at Theresiastraat 236 and Bakkerij Hans en Frans Hessing, located at Theresiastraat 131 . This means the vegetables and herbs going into that lovely Syrian soup and salad will be sourced from a local business, as well as from pesticide-free origins. And the bread for sandwiches will be baked by your local baker!




Bakkerij Hans en Frans Hessing Theresiastraat 131


And last but certainly not least, we can not pull off such an event without a team of volunteers! We have approximately 25 volunteers working to make this event a success. And yes: It does take a village to bring Earth Day to The Hague.

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