Fairtrade The Hague and Fair Shopping share a stand at Earth Day The Hague

Update from one of the eco-market participants!

The Hague is the proud owner of the Fairtrade Gemeente title since October 2015! Fairtrade Gemeente is a national campaign with the aim to increase the sales and consumption of fair trade coffee, tea and many other fair trade products. By buying fair trade products you contribute to a better income and livelihood for farmers and producers in developing countries.

You earn the title when the municipality as well as a substantial number of companies and offices in the municipality serve fair trade coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, etc. Also there are criteria for the number of shops, restaurants and cafés that sell fair trade products. As a consumer you can contribute by buying these products and asking in shops and cafes whether the coffee is fair trade!

The shops, lunchrooms and cafes were easily found with the help of the Fair Shopping
Foundation (EerlijkWinkelen). EerlijkWinkelenscreen-shot-2018-04-17-at-14-57-02.png guides you to shops that sell fair trade,

organic and second hand products with their (free!) app, website and maps. They are
present in over 60 places in the Netherlands, including the Hague!

Come to the stand on Earth Day to get your free copy of the FairShopping card and the fair fashion flyer of the Hague. At our stand we will provide you with information about Fairtrade Gemeenten, sustainable shopping and fair fashion (in cooperation with Fair Wear).
Also, we will have a quiz with which you can win a gift card from the Wereldwinkel

Looking forward to meeting you!

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