vrijdag 7 februari, 2020

This is a day where people are encouraged to put on an extra warm sweater (warme trui) and turn their thermostats down a degree or two in order to save energy. Every year around 200,000 Dutch citizens participate! How much energy could be saved in one day if everyone in the Netherlands participated? This 2016 info-graphic lays out just how much is possible.

See the website here

Would you like to participate in Warmetruiendag as an individual, with your co-workers, with your club or faith community? You can sign up on this link! But hurry! At the time I am writing this post, warmetruiendag is just four days away!


There are a number of events in the Netherlands that focus on the environment, from ‘de Dag van de Duurzaamheid’ on the 10th of October to warmetruiendag in February. So why do we also need an Earth Day?
These two aforementioned events are local to the Netherlands. Earth Day is an international event, where people across the planet gather, rise up and take action for the environment.

10.00 uur tot 14.00 uur

Considering we only have one planet, and we’re mutually responsible for its well being, it makes sense to view it from a global perspective. Earth Day does just that: It is a day to tune in to what’s happening around the world, while you also tune in to what you can do locally. That whole slogan of Think Globally Act Locally is still as relevant today as when it was first introduced.

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