Earth Day 2020 in-person Event Canceled

As you can imagine, we are joining many others in canceling our public events planned for April, 2020 due to the Coronavirus. Thus the April 22nd, 2020 film screening and the April 25th, 2020 Earth Day festival are both canceled until further notice.

Our events team is still very enthusiastic and will continue planning, but for some unknown time in the future. We are also looking into online event options. If this emerges in a timely manner, we will post updates here and on our Facebook Earth The Day Netherlands Page.

What we can all do in the meantime, is to inspire one another to reduce our ecological footprint, especially when it comes to global warming and to think about what we can learn from the Coronavirus, from an environmental perspective.

Here are a few interesting articles on that note.

The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Having an Unexpected Effect on The Environment. Science Alert, February 20, 2020. Science Alert.

Coronavirus and climate change: A tale of two crises. Ruby Russel. DW Online. March 5, 2020. Read DW article here.

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