Earth Day 2020 in-person Event Canceled

As you can imagine, we are joining many others in canceling our public events planned for April, 2020 due to the Coronavirus. Thus the April 22nd, 2020 film screening and the April 25th, 2020 Earth Day festival are both canceled until further notice.

Our events team is still very enthusiastic and will continue planning, but for some unknown time in the future. We are also looking into online event options. If this emerges in a timely manner, we will post updates here and on our Facebook Earth The Day Netherlands Page.

What we can all do in the meantime, is to inspire one another to reduce our ecological footprint, especially when it comes to global warming and to think about what we can learn from the Coronavirus, from an environmental perspective.

Here are a few interesting articles on that note.

The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Having an Unexpected Effect on The Environment. Science Alert, February 20, 2020. Science Alert.

Coronavirus and climate change: A tale of two crises. Ruby Russel. DW Online. March 5, 2020. Read DW article here.

Nationale Week Zonder Vlees

Today is the beginning of Natonale Week Zonder Vlees (National Week without Meat) in the Netherlands. This challenge to eat only vegetarian meals for a week runs from March 9th through March 15th, 2020. A number of restaurants and schools are also participating.

You can sign up via this link: Week Zonder Vlees. Once you sign up, you have access to a magazine with vegetarian meal recipes, tips and information to make your week without eating meat a feasible transition. This annual event was started by Isabel Boerdam, a vegetarian, foodblogger and author of De Hippe Vegetarier.

According to the Mayo Clinic, switching to a vegetarian diet has many health benefits. Here is a quote from a Mayo Clinic article on meatless Meals.

“A plant-based diet, which emphasizes fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, legumes and nuts, is rich in fiber, vitamins and other nutrients. And people who don’t eat meat — vegetarians — generally eat fewer calories and less fat, weigh less, and have a lower risk of heart disease than non-vegetarians do.”
Meatless Meals: The Benefits of Eating Less Meat. Mayo Clinic, July 26, 2017. Read the full article here.

Both Dutch versions of Women’s Health Magazine and Men’s Health magazine have online articles about Nationale Week Zonder Vlees, but the articles are definitely catered to their audience. Women’s health provides daily recipes to inspire you.

Click here to read more

Men’s Health uses an entirely different image to convey the benefits of Nationale Week Zonder Vlees. If an image is worth a thousand words, then this image says ‘healthy, strong men also eat vegetables.’

Read the full article here.

From an environmental perspective, going vegetarian is great for the planet. In the book “Verborgen Impact” (hidden/buried impact), here are a few statistics about meat.

Er zit 15.000 liter water verborgen in 1 kilo rundvlees. (There are 15,000 liters of water used in just 1 kilo beef (hidden impact when you count water use for all phases of production, from growing food for the animal all the way to transportation). (Source: p. 69 De Verborgen Impact. Babette Porcelijn 2016)

Other water facts associated with meat and the hidden impact of water consumption:

120 gram rundvlees (beef) = 1800 liters water

120 gram varkenvlees (pork) = 630 liters water

120 gram kip (chicken) = 480 liters water

Source: De Verborgen Impact. p. 65. Babette Porcelijn 2016

Would you like to learn more about our Verborgen Impact in the Netherlands, not only in regards to food, but in what we buy, how we travel and how we live? Then visit this website in the caption above and get your own copy. (Only available in Dutch).

There is also plenty of inspiration to keep you going during the week without meat!


vrijdag 7 februari, 2020

This is a day where people are encouraged to put on an extra warm sweater (warme trui) and turn their thermostats down a degree or two in order to save energy. Every year around 200,000 Dutch citizens participate! How much energy could be saved in one day if everyone in the Netherlands participated? This 2016 info-graphic lays out just how much is possible.

See the website here

Would you like to participate in Warmetruiendag as an individual, with your co-workers, with your club or faith community? You can sign up on this link! But hurry! At the time I am writing this post, warmetruiendag is just four days away!


There are a number of events in the Netherlands that focus on the environment, from ‘de Dag van de Duurzaamheid’ on the 10th of October to warmetruiendag in February. So why do we also need an Earth Day?
These two aforementioned events are local to the Netherlands. Earth Day is an international event, where people across the planet gather, rise up and take action for the environment.

10.00 uur tot 14.00 uur

Considering we only have one planet, and we’re mutually responsible for its well being, it makes sense to view it from a global perspective. Earth Day does just that: It is a day to tune in to what’s happening around the world, while you also tune in to what you can do locally. That whole slogan of Think Globally Act Locally is still as relevant today as when it was first introduced.

Love your House!

(Zie onderstaande voor Nederlands)

Huisje Houvanjehuis_egaal.pngHou van je Huis (Love your House) is a program organized through the Municipality of The Hague to advise homeowners on how to save energy in the home. They can also inform you about  about subsidies available for both roof and floor insulation. Hou van je Huis works with VvE balie, and they can also provide a free energy scan and hot water heater check for homeowners.

Come visit their booth this Saturday April 21st at Earth Day The Hague and you can sign up directly for that free energy scan or hot water heater check! In addition, Jetty Kurhaus will be at the booth with information on how you can receive a B-label on your home (the year your home was built plays a role of course).


Huisje Houvanjehuis_egaalMet het project “Hou van je Huis” adviseert de gemeente particuliere woningeigenaren over energie besparen.

Er zijn subsidies beschikbaar voor dak- en vloerisolatie, we werken veel samen met de VvE balie, en we kunnen ook gratis energiescans en ketelchecks aanbieden voor woning eigenaren in Den Haag.


  • Op die dag kan ik direct inschrijven voor een energiescan of een ketelcheck. Ik neem verschillende kaartjes mee met maatregelen hoe je je woning (met een bepaald bouwjaar) naar een B-label kunt krijgen. Jetty Kurhaus van Hou van je huis neemt info mee over de subsidie regeling en wat monsters van isolatie materialen. Een hele handige kaart met maatregelen hoe je energie kan besparen door gedragsverandering etc.

Fairtrade The Hague and Fair Shopping share a stand at Earth Day The Hague

Update from one of the eco-market participants!

The Hague is the proud owner of the Fairtrade Gemeente title since October 2015! Fairtrade Gemeente is a national campaign with the aim to increase the sales and consumption of fair trade coffee, tea and many other fair trade products. By buying fair trade products you contribute to a better income and livelihood for farmers and producers in developing countries.

You earn the title when the municipality as well as a substantial number of companies and offices in the municipality serve fair trade coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, etc. Also there are criteria for the number of shops, restaurants and cafés that sell fair trade products. As a consumer you can contribute by buying these products and asking in shops and cafes whether the coffee is fair trade!

The shops, lunchrooms and cafes were easily found with the help of the Fair Shopping
Foundation (EerlijkWinkelen). EerlijkWinkelenscreen-shot-2018-04-17-at-14-57-02.png guides you to shops that sell fair trade,

organic and second hand products with their (free!) app, website and maps. They are
present in over 60 places in the Netherlands, including the Hague!

Come to the stand on Earth Day to get your free copy of the FairShopping card and the fair fashion flyer of the Hague. At our stand we will provide you with information about Fairtrade Gemeenten, sustainable shopping and fair fashion (in cooperation with Fair Wear).
Also, we will have a quiz with which you can win a gift card from the Wereldwinkel

Looking forward to meeting you!

Spotlight: Zero Waste Lifestyle Workshop

Our central theme this Earth Day is “Reducing your ecological footprint” with a focus on plastic, energy, food, fashion and lifestyle. Although it can be hard to come up with a precise formula to measure your plastic footprint, or your fashion footprint, it is possible to come up with tangible, measurable steps to reduce your environmental impact in all of these areas.

Therefore, we are pleased to feature a Zero Waste Lifestyle Workshop with Hague residents Valeria and Luigi.

12:40pm-1:10pm Zero Waste Workshopwith Valeria & Luigi
Location: Hall

I met this Italian couple during a 100-100-100 challenge organized by Duurzaam Den Haag. The idea of the challenge was that 100 families would spend 100 days learning to go 100% trash free. For some of us it was a definite struggle, but for Valeria and Luigi, it seemed to come easily. We weighed our trash each week and Valeria and Luigi had a problem with this assignment, because they had so little trash, you could barely weigh it. One week, their entire trash production were two “Ripe. Eat Me” stickers from two avocados.

You can see why I thought of them for a Zero Waste Workshop. Here is a bit of insight into how they developed their zero waste lifestyle.
“As a family, we were always conscious about recycling and food waste. The turning point was when we realized that we could reduce what we were bringing in the house rather than spending a lot of time recycling and disposing of things we didn’t really need in the first place. The way we use plastic and plastic packaging for our food and drinks made us think about our own waste footprint more than anything else. Most packaging is used once, but lasts forever – we wanted to change that.”

IMG-20180323-WA0004Are you eager to reduce your environmental impact but don’t know how?
Have you tried going zero waste but don’t know where to start? 
During this presentation Valeria and Luigi will talk about challenges of going zero waste and share practical tips on how you can start reducing your waste right away.

Zero waste does not have to be complicated and time-consuming! Let’s talk about doable steps we can all apply to our busy lives.

12:40pm-1:10pm Zero Waste Workshopwith Valeria & Luigi
Location: Hall

Defeat plastic pollution straw by straw!

Earth Day The Hague celebration is fast approaching. In keeping with the International Earth Day theme for 2018 of eliminating plastic pollution, we are happy to welcome Straw by Straw to our eco-market.


Straw by Straw is a sustainable straw start-up based in Amsterdam.

We prevent plastics from reaching the ocean by providing organic alternatives.

Our first product is a drinking straw made of straw, 100% natural.

Every year, European farmers need cover crops to feed their soil.

Once these cover crops, such as wheat and rye, are harvested for food, the left over stalks can be used to make drinking straws.

This way, plastic straws are history by using the waste of cover crop harvests!

Check them out this Saturday, at Earth Day The Hague:

What: International Earth Day The Hague 2018

When: Saturday, April 21st, 2018, 10:00am-3:00pm (10.00 uur-15.00 uur)

Why: To learn multiple ways to reduce your ecological footprint at home, at school, in the neighborhood, at work and in your daily patterns.

Where: Christus Triumfatorkerk Juliana van Stolberglaan 154, The Hague