A Rocha doet mee met Dag van de Aarde Den Haag / A Rocha participates in Earth Day The Hague


Christenen met een groen hart

A Rocha is een internationale beweging van christenen die geboeid zijn door Gods schepping en zich inzetten voor haar

A Rocha Den Haag

A Rocha Den Haag

behoud. De naam A Rocha – ‘de rots’ – is Portugees en is ontleend aan het eerste veldstudiecentrum, aan de rotsachtige kust van de Portugese Algarve. De naam verwijst ook naar Jezus Christus, het is bevlogenheid voor hem die A Rocha in actie laat komen.

De waarden waaruit A Rocha werkt zijn vertaald in 5 C’s. Christian: onder alles wat we doen ligt het geloof in God de schepper die de schepping aan de mens heeft toevertrouwd en ons vraagt om daarvoor in beweging te komen; Conservation: het doen van onderzoek en het opzetten van natuureducatie; Cross-cultural: we focussen op samenwerking tussen mensen uit alle culturen omdat we milieuprobleem alleen met elkaar kunnen oplossen; Cooperation: we werken samen met organisaties en individuen die onze zorg voor de wereld delen; Community: we willen ons op lokaal niveau inzetten voor elkaar en de schepping en willen zo sterke relaties opbouwen die de plekken waar we wonen meer cohesie geven.

A Rocha Nederland

De visie van A Rocha is dat natuurbescherming alleen duurzaam effect heeft als het wordt gedragen door de lokale gemeenschap. Plaatselijk zetten werkgroepen zich in voor natuurbehoud in de eigen omgeving. Zij adopteren (natuur)gebieden om er in samenwerking met de eigenaar zorg voor te dragen. A Rocha Nederland werkt nauw samen met tal van andere natuurbeschermingsorganisaties.

A Rocha Den Haag

Vanaf begin 2014 zijn er ideeën ontstaan om ook in Den Haag een A Rocha werkgroep te starten. Als je meer informatie wilt weten over A Rocha Den Haag kun je mailen naar denhaag@arocha.org. Voor meer informatie over A Rocha Nederland en A Rocha International zie www.arocha.nl en www.arocha.org

Charlie Dee plays at Earth Day 2015

It seems that great things happen in two ways: through really hard work, or through sheer luck. The blessing of having Charlie Dee sing at Earth Day The Hague, The Netherlands is a story of sheer luck.

One of our coordinators met “Renee” at a silent retreat. “Although we couldn’t talk during the silence course we were allowed to laugh and even sing along to the evening songs. When fellow participant Renee sang, our entire group listened in awe, wondering if some sort of angel had come into the room.”

It wasn’t until the last day of the retreat that she approached Renee to see if she would be interested in singing at Earth Day. Who knew she was the famous Dutch musician Charlie Dee, and who knew she would say yes?

Singer-songwriter Charlie DeeCharlie Dee is a singer-songwriter based in Rotterdam who won De Grote Prijs van Nederland in 2004, has been called by De Gelderlander ‘one of the greatest talents in Dutch pop music’ and wrote ‘Ten Thousand Times’, a song she recorded with the famous Dutch artist Huub van der Lubbe, the frontman from de Dijk.

Charlie Dee will sing an acoustic set at Earth Day on Saturday, April 18th, 2015 at 12:00. Check out this youtube video of Charlie Dee. LIke it? Share this post with your music loving, earth-loving friends and lets fill the benches to hear her sing!

*We would like to give special thanks to Bezuidenhoutfonds for sponsoring Earth Day The Hague 2015’s musical performances. 

Bezuidenhoutfonds brings Guy Livingston and Charlie Dee to Earth Day Bezuidenhout!

We are pleased to announce that Bezuidenhoutfonds has decided to help sponsor our event, along with the Stichting Christus Triumfatorkerk, who has generously allowed us to use their meeting room and event center for the location of Earth Day 2015! What does this mean? We will be able to provide top quality musical performances by both Guy Livingston and Charlie Dee.

Guy Livingston is an internationally-renowned modern pianist, who has played prestigious venues throughout

Guy Livingston during the recording of One Minute More.

Guy Livingston during the recording of One Minute More.

the world, including performances as a soloist with the Chicago Symphony, recitalist at the Centre Pompidou, The Louvre and the Moscow Conservatory among other locations. He has received significant press in both The New York Times and National Public Radio and he has recorded for Transatlantic, New World, Wergo and Mode Records.

He will give a 25 minute recital at the Earth Day Festival, with a selection of music from Gershwin and Debussy that explores the theme of water.

If you miss his Earth Day performance on Saturday, April 18th, you will have one more chance: Guy Livingston will be doing a benefit concert on Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 at 20:00 in the Christus Triumfatorokerk. All proceeds will go to the repair of the Christus Triumfatorkerk church organ. Learn more about Guy Livingston’s notable career and current events here. Mr. Livingston is currently residing in The Hague.

We are also honored to have critically acclaimed Dutch singer-songwriter Charlie Dee performing at the Earth Day event. More information to follow!

Is The Netherlands environmentally-minded?

The Netherlands is a small, densely-populated country that has both pros and cons when it comes to sustainable living. This cover story featured in Access Magazine’s Spring 2015 edition, gives some insight into The Dutch approach to sustainability. Access the whole magazine  ACCESS Magazine Spring 2015 edition, or read the Cover Story ACCESS Spring 2015 (1) through this link.

Earth Day The Hague, Bezuidenhout event planned for Saturday, April 18th, 2015 is also mentioned in this article!

Get your Green on April 18th, 2015 with Earth Day The Netherlands, Bezuidenhout Style

Are you interested in making some changes in your life to lessen your impact on the environment, but aren’t sure where to start? Do you live in The Hague area and wonder what sort of environmental non-profit organizations (stichtingen) are out there and what it is that they do? Do you want to learn about the environment and meet others interested in sustainable living? Do you like festival-like events with music, organic food, eco-shopping and hands-on activities all in a social and educational atmosphere?

If you thought “yes,” or even “maybe” to any of the above questions, then come to Earth Day The Netherlands 2015. This one-day event will bring the International Earth Day concept to The Hague, giving Dutch and Internationals alike a chance to celebrate Earth Day and take action for the earth. Planning on coming? Let us know on Facebook by registering for the event here.

What: Earth Day The Netherlands (The Hague, Bezuidenhout)
When: Saturday, April 18th, 2015
Time: 11:00-15:00
Location: Meeting Rooms at Christus Triumfatorkerk
Juliana van Stolberglaan 154, 2595 CL, The Hague
Why come? To learn about the environment in a fun, festival-like setting.
Admission: Free

Earth Day Netherlands 2015 is shaping up to be a wonderful event. Who is welcome? Anyone interested in learning more about the environment! This event is for people who live in the Bezuidenhout neighborhood, but also for people who live anywhere in the Netherlands interested in connecting with others about sustainable living and action.
Here is a partial list of organizations participating. Information on musicians, eco-vendors and speakers will be provided in upcoming posts. Please SHARE this post on your blog, on your Facebook page, on twitter, etc. Thank you!

Eco Non-Profits
Arocha Den Haag
Duurzaam Bezuidenhout
Duurzaam Den Haag Haagse Krach Karavaan Project
Oiko Credit 
Repair Café Den Haag
Sea First Foundation