Spotlight: Zero Waste Lifestyle Workshop

Our central theme this Earth Day is “Reducing your ecological footprint” with a focus on plastic, energy, food, fashion and lifestyle. Although it can be hard to come up with a precise formula to measure your plastic footprint, or your fashion footprint, it is possible to come up with tangible, measurable steps to reduce your environmental impact in all of these areas.

Therefore, we are pleased to feature a Zero Waste Lifestyle Workshop with Hague residents Valeria and Luigi.

12:40pm-1:10pm Zero Waste Workshopwith Valeria & Luigi
Location: Hall

I met this Italian couple during a 100-100-100 challenge organized by Duurzaam Den Haag. The idea of the challenge was that 100 families would spend 100 days learning to go 100% trash free. For some of us it was a definite struggle, but for Valeria and Luigi, it seemed to come easily. We weighed our trash each week and Valeria and Luigi had a problem with this assignment, because they had so little trash, you could barely weigh it. One week, their entire trash production were two “Ripe. Eat Me” stickers from two avocados.

You can see why I thought of them for a Zero Waste Workshop. Here is a bit of insight into how they developed their zero waste lifestyle.
“As a family, we were always conscious about recycling and food waste. The turning point was when we realized that we could reduce what we were bringing in the house rather than spending a lot of time recycling and disposing of things we didn’t really need in the first place. The way we use plastic and plastic packaging for our food and drinks made us think about our own waste footprint more than anything else. Most packaging is used once, but lasts forever – we wanted to change that.”

IMG-20180323-WA0004Are you eager to reduce your environmental impact but don’t know how?
Have you tried going zero waste but don’t know where to start? 
During this presentation Valeria and Luigi will talk about challenges of going zero waste and share practical tips on how you can start reducing your waste right away.

Zero waste does not have to be complicated and time-consuming! Let’s talk about doable steps we can all apply to our busy lives.

12:40pm-1:10pm Zero Waste Workshopwith Valeria & Luigi
Location: Hall

Today (Feb 21st) is worldwide Plastic-Free Day


Image source: Mother Nature Network

We’ve all seen images like this one; sometimes online and sometimes in person. We know plastics are a problem. What can we do about it? Well here’s an idea.

Did you know that February 21st (today) is Worldwide Plastic-Free Day? What would a day without plastic look like? The makers of this challenge are not suggesting you dump all those Legos and not use your smart phone. Afterall, I couldn’t even share this challenge and you couldn’t read it if we truly didn’t touch plastic today, since almost everything we use to access the internet has plastic in it.  But, what if you consciously abstained from bringing any more plastic into your life for this one day?

Here’s the challenge:

  • Don’t purchase ANYTHING made of plastic on this one day
  • Just say no ‘to single-use plastics’ like cups, stir-sticks, grocery bags, water bottles, etcetera.
  • Avoid using any products containing microplastics and plastic microfibers (this potentially includes bath beads , face scrubs containing microbeads and even fleece clothing)
  • Bring along replacements for single-use plastics: your own reusable coffee mug, water bottle, eating utensils and yes, your own straw! (You can get paper, reed or even metal straws these days)


Worldwide Plastic-Free Day is organized by Broadreach, an education-based company located in North Carolina, in the United States. Want to take the pledge today? Sign up here.

Perhaps you are just reading this post now and the day is half over. You could still take the challenge tomorrow or the day after that and experience what a day without new plastics would be like.

Source: Mother Nature Network website

During our Hague celebration of Earth Day 2018 (Saturday, April 21st, 2018), two Italian expats will be giving a workshop on how to move toward a waste-free lifestyle. Follow our blog for updates!