PAST PROGRAMS: History Earth Day The Hague

Earth Day is an international event celebrated by more than a billion people worldwide. Earth Day The Hague started when a group of friends discovered that International Earth Day was not well known in The Netherlands. In 2015, we developed an Earth Day festival with speakers, politicians, a market and outdoor projects. In 2016, we collaborated with Duurzaam Den Haag to develop a larger event with an art-from-scrap competition among three different elementary schools, a full market, presentations and workshops including a keynote presentation by renowned eco-activist Maurits Groen. You can read about past programs by scrolling through the blog posts from previous years.


P1280658For details on our current Earth Day

celebration, please visit our home page here.


Supporting Organizations 2016:

Christus Triumfatorkerk
Duurzaam Den Haag
Gemeente Den Haag
Fonds 1818

Supporting Organizations 2015:

Gemeente Den Haag
Fonds 1818
Christus Triumfatorkerk

Bright Green Sponsors 2015:

EKO PLAZA Theresiastraat. Eko Plaza Theresiastaat provides a wide selection of organic and sustainable products. Why are they different from other stores? Read about their five choices here, that guide their product selection. Eko Plaza Theresiastraat is providing organic ingredients to our cook, who is making a wonderful meal for purchase at Earth Day, which will be available at a reasonable price thanks to our sponsors.

Joe’s Shop Located at 236 Theresiastraat provides a healthy selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, concentrating on locally grown and pesticide free products whenever possible. They can also arrange fruit and vegetables for your office or school lunch program, and fruit packets. Follow them on Facebook here.

Bakkerij Hans en Frans Hessing is a quality bakery with three storefronts in The Hague.  Their fresh and delicious breads, scones, pastries and cakes are a happy part of any day. Bakkerij Hessing will be providing a mix of organic, spelt and desem bread four Earth Day The Hague. Show them how great they are by LIKING their FACEBOOK PAGE.

Green Sponsors

Carl Denig This great sports store donated prizes for our event quiz. Check them out online or visit their Amsterdam or Nieuwegein stores for your adventure camping and sporting needs.

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